Clothing and Nudity

I like clothing. Clothing is necessary. It protects from the cold, wind, and the sun. Bump into something a bit sharp or abrasive, or too hot or too cold? Clothing can sometimes provide a valuable protective coating over the skin, preventing a cut, burn,  or bruise. 

In another role, clothing hides or augments beauty and by doing so can allure. It invokes curiosity and can be expressive. 

But it also hides shame and perpetuates insecurities. And clothing has reinforced the idea that nudity in the presence of others is bad or equates to sex. It is not and does not. Sharing yourself through nudity is a way to overcome your shame and fear while building trust and intimacy with another. That sharing is definitely a sensual experience, but it doesn’t have to be a sexual one. It shouldn’t be reserved for lovers only.

This is not a new topic in the history of humanity.

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